We are the team you need!

Bigmentar Team

At Bigmentar we are eager to lend you a hand with your project. We are a team of professionals ready to implement all our knowledge for the good of your business; we guarantee results and attention. Do you need us? We will be there.

Meet your new team:

Joan Marant

CEO & Digital Strategist

“Devising ways to create profitable businesses by uniting psychology with data.”

Lucas Turrado

Strategy Consultant

“The path to success begins with the first step.”

Matías Velazco

Creative Design

“In life and design, everything is part of a process.”

Daniela Ugarte R.

Strategy & Copywriting

“The only constant thing in this life is change.”

Eladio Loriente

Web Developer

“Living between the front and the back.”

Alejandro Estarlich

Project Manager

“Always code as if the person who will maintain your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

Mónica Berasalauce

Performance MKT

“The secret behind the results is to always try new things. Don’t limit the possibilities and improve every day.”